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Lost your enthusiasm?  Feeling overwhelmed?  No sense of direction?  Then you may just find something here.

The Positive Approach™ is a course designed to help people to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.  All of us are hard-wired with 40% of our happiness already coded into our genes – it’s called our happiness set point.  This course concentrates on the remaining 60% and helps you to consider how you can change your own happiness habits.

The Positive Approach 7 Session Course
•    The advantages of a positive mindset
•    How you can become “happier”
•    How you can choose your own emotional state
•    Ways you can create a happier workplace
•    How to influence the mood around you
LIVE SESSIONS: 8pm Tuesday 3rd April -  8th May 2018
We do not pass your details to any third parties. 
Choosing a happier lifestyle is really very simple; putting it into practice however, is another matter entirely.  Adapting or changing our current habits can be tough – but we’ll show you how your brain can be trained and developed to help you make new choices; new habits that will enable you to live a more fruitful and rewarding life.
What is Positive Psychology?
Many of us are aware of the concept of Positive Psychology, but what does it actually mean?  As the name would suggest, we can take a wild guess that it’s something to do with helping ourselves to think happy thoughts, but what evidence is there that this is a reliable or robust scientific field, and how can we harness in our homes and in our workplaces?

Positive Psychology is an emerging scientific field of study, generally attributed to American Psychologist Martin Seligman.  It is a branch of Psychology which concentrates on how people can become happier and more fulfilled, as opposed to the traditional psychological approaches which focus on dysfunction or negative mindsets requiring therapeutic interventions.
What does the course entail and what can I gain from it?
It’s a series of 7 live webinars, each lasting between 45-60 minutes. They are engaging, motivating and completely accessible to everyone.  Session 1 starts with an introduction to Positive Psychology, the basic principles upon which The Positive Approach has been developed.  The remaining 6 sessions take you through a step by step approach to developing some new and really impacting habits that can really boost your own levels of happiness and fulfilment. Please note if you can not attend the live sessions you will have free access to all of the recordings for up to a year.

Lizz Jones will explain the basic principles of Positive Psychology, and help you understand how it can influence our own lives.  Along the way you’ll learn more about Emotional Intelligence, what influences our Behaviours, and how Positive Psychology can help you and the people around you.

During the sessions you will learn:

•    The advantages of a positive mindset
•    How you can become “happier”
•    How you can choose your own emotional state
•    Ways you can create a happier enviroment
•    How to influence the mood around you
  • FREE SESSION: Introduction to The Positive Approach™
     Learn more about the basic principles of Positive Psychology
    •    Understand how habits work
    •    Discover how to create and reinforce new healthy & happy habits
    •    Meet the “Six Steps to Happiness” model
    3rd April: Six Steps to Happiness: Choose Happy
    Make Happiness a positive choice & find inspiration to support you

    10th April: Six Steps to Happiness: Be Happy
    What makes you truly happy: understand your strengths & values, and how to stick to them

    17th April: Six Steps to Happiness: Celebrate Happy
    Practising Gratitude & reinforcing new habits

    24th April: Six Steps to Happiness: Reflect Happy
    A session on the power of journaling – for those new to this, as well as regular journal contributors

    1st May: Six Steps to Happiness: Mindful Happy
    Learning about Mindfulness, for beginners, sceptics and experts!

    8th May: Six Steps to Happiness: Share Happy
    Making those around you happy too - creating a happier world
  •  * All of the live webinars will be recorded and available to view for 12 months after you register

About Lizz Jones...
  • Lizz Jones is an established and respected Coach, with a reputation for inspiring and motivating individuals and teams in business, industry and academia.  Her work has taken her to organisations across the Public and Private sectors; and includes SME’s, large blue chip companies and several higher education institutions.

    Her previous roles included a ten-year role in a senior management position within the Financial Times Group, before running her own management consultancy and training business.  She now specialises in Coaching, and works at an organisational or individual level, using her experience and qualifications in business and management.  She has coached for nearly 15 years and has hundreds of hours of coaching experience. 
  • "I just wanted to say thank you personally as you were really inspiring and empowering."
  • "Lizz was brilliant - really patient & positive."
  • "Thank you! I learnt a lot about the team I’m working with I feel more positive just being around her."

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