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Sleep Course
Troubles sleeping? Do you want to feel less stressed and tired about your sleep patterns? Start our 6 session Sleep Course here:
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Are you lying awake tossing and turning in the night, have a young child who wakes you on the hour every hour or perhaps you get a full night’s sleep but still feel exhausted? Our 6 Session Sleep Course covers all the above and any other sleep issues you may be experiencing, such as waking up too early or coping with night shifts. By the end of the course you will be more relaxed and content, worrying less about your sleeping patterns and therefore feeling less tired and stressed.

What is the Sleep Course?
This 6 week course is aimed at helping you understand more about your sleep, how to worry less about sleep and feel less tired and bothered about the effect that sleep problems have on your life. By the end of the course you will be experiencing improved functioning and will be more relaxed and content. The course is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy principles. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a form of cognitive-behaviour therapy that mixes acceptance and mindfulness strategies with commitment and behaviour-change techniques to increase psychological flexibility. ACT has a very good evidence base for helping people with sleep pre-occupation disorders and insomnia.

Topics covered:
  •  The Willingness stance
  •  Thinking differently about sleep
  • Becoming a good worrier
  •  The Paradoxical sleep affect
  •  Relaxation and mindfulness
  •  Choosing Sleep and Understanding Sleep 
Here's what others thought of our Sleep Course
"Can you please pass on my thanks to Dr Mike Scanlan… not only was it massively informative, I loved his presentation style and the advice to do everything to do with sleep calmly AND I had 7.5 hours sleep last night which is so much more than normal!! Everyone who struggles to sleep should do this course in my opinion!"
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